How To Take Vitamin Pills

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How To Take Vitamin PillsOver all taking the vitamin pills are best taken with the first meal the same time each day makes it more effective. As a general rule, vitamins and mineral supplements are best taken during meals or fifteen minutes before or after eating, in order to enhance their assimilation. For some people taking vitamin pills is not so easy particularly for older people, sick person and young kids. But using a straw to drink the water or juice makes them easier to swallow the pill because of the suction used to pull the liquid through the straw. Drinking water straight from the bottle may also be helpful, possibly because of the motion tilting your head back when drinking from the bottle can help the vitamin pill go down easily.

In taking pills, the water should be cool but not cold. In addition you can also use juice drink, but you might want to check first to your doctor, to make sure that the juice will not conflict with your prescribed medication you are going to take.

And here are a helpful tips for taking vitamin


Minerals The Inorganic Substances

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SodiumElements for example sodium, potassium, phosphorus and magnesium are required by the body. In the body minerals i.e., inorganic substances play an important role. There are trace elements also that are required by the body. Manganese, cobalt, zinc and copper are the elements that are required in less amount for the body are termed as trace elements.


Sodium is a cation. It has positive charge on it. The symbol of sodium is Na. One of the best sources of sodium is common salt. Its chemical name is sodium chloride. It daily requirement may be 5-10 gms. During summer and excessive sweating the daily requirement may increase to higher levels. Our requirements of sodium is enough from the foods we take. During emergency conditions it will be supplied to the body as saline in parenteral form.

Sodium performs different functions in the body. Some of the functions are 1. Sodium plays an important role in fluid balance maintenance. 2. Regulation of pressure through osmosis in the body. 3. Maintenance of acid-base balance. 4. In the muscle activity and irritability.

Sodium deficiency is common during excessive sweating,

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Why Am I So Tired All The Time

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ac11My wife has asked me a rhetorical question; Why am I so tired all the time?

We both know that It has been a long winter. Maybe not a very cold winter,

but a winter with many influences and viruses.

Being parents to a 4 year old, who gets exposed in school to all sorts of influences,

we have spent a good part of the winter coughing sniffing and sneezing…

We have become so run-down,and although we have a healthy lifestyle,

it became hard for us to bounce back into good health.

We have tried taking lots of vitamin C, then olive leaf, then wheatgrass,

then viral choice, immune boosters and on and on. but to no avail….

I can’t say that these supplements did not help, because maybe without we

would have been worse off. yet we have never bounced back,

and felt so tired all the time.

Then like in every good story, out of nowhere,salvation came….

Ok I make it seem a bit dramatic, but there

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Antioxidants And How They Work

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AntioxidantsTo understand antioxidants and how they work we first need to understand what they are and what they do. In a nutshell, antioxidants are vitamins, minerals and enzymes which counteract what is known as oxidation which, although a normal process, damages tissue, cells and proteins. Antioxidants are thought to help prevent cancer, heart disease, strokes and Alzheimer’s, to name but a few.

Oxidation is caused when the quantity of free radicals (chemically active atoms) is too numerous for the cells to be protected by the body’s natural antioxidant system. Free radicals are unavoidable and can occur from inside the human body, caused by normal bodily processes such as metabolism, inflammation and aerobic respiration. They can also be caused by external influences such as smoking, alcohol, x-rays, pollution and sunlight. Even strenuous exercise can cause the proliferation of free radicals.

Some results of free radical damage are that cells will die because nutrients cannot reach them or because waste cannot be transported out. Cell DNA can be damaged so that instead of healthy cells being generated to replace dead cells, a non-functioning mutant cell will arrive. That’s just the


Symptoms Of Adrenal Fatigue And Its Treatment

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Symptoms Of Adrenal FatigueConditions of adrenal fatigue have a number of symptoms which are very difficult to recognize. Hence, most physicians consider it to be simply a result of overstress and recommend rest.

Adrenal fatigue is a suboptimal disease. It is related to the mental, physical as well as emotional condition of the body. It manifests itself in some very common symptoms, which ultimately lead to a crash in the entire system of the body. Proper treatment is necessary to avoid such situations. For proper treatment, you need to diagnose the symptoms which crop up from such a syndrome properly. You also need professional and experienced help in the matter of treatment once the problem is diagnosed. A full recovery is always possible when you have this syndrome. You just need to keep hope.

The basic information

Such type of lethargy and fatigue has become very common among adults today. It results in tiredness, fearfulness, allergies, frequent influenza and anxiety, arthritis, depression, difficulties in concentration and reduced memory, inability to lose weight and many other problems. It is a


Does Fish Oil Help To Alleviate The Symptoms Of Adhd

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fishi oilMost people already know that omega 3 fatty acids are vital substances for human health. After all, doctors, nutritionists and other health experts have been talking about them for several years now, especially in terms of their benefits for cardiovascular health. But what a lot of people still don’t know about this fatty acid is that it can also be an instrumental tool against ADHD, especially among children.

Before you start building sky-high expectations, it must be understood that the link between adhd and omega 3 is still under investigation. However, the future certainly looks bright in this field as scientists have been discovering so many different ways of how omega 3 fatty acids can be used to treat and prevent ADHD in children.

How Does Omega 3 Affect the Brain?

It has been discovered a long time ago that omega 3 fatty acids make up a large portion of the human brain. Thus, this substance plays a critical role in maintaining excellent mental health. The more omega 3 fatty acids you get, the better your mental functions will be and the more protected you will

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Detox Your Liver Naturally

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Detox Your Liver NaturallyJust reading the title of this article may have some people wondering why they should Detox their Liver. Detoxification may lead to the connotation that one must be an Alcoholic to go through a Detox process. This isn’t the case at all.

The liver removes toxins and free radicals from the body which are ingested by eating, drinking, breathing in chemicals, pollution and other particulates. When too many toxins build up in the liver, quality health is compromised. So we can see here that one does not have to be an Alcoholic to go through a liver detox process. Detoxifying the liver is not a drawn out process, in fact, it’s as simple as taking certain supplements which can flush out the liver.

Silymarin, or Milk Thistle is an herb that has been used as a liver aid for thousands of years. It has been and is used to treat Liver Cirrhosis, Hepatitis and other liver disorders. One does not have to have a liver disorder to receive the health benefits from taking Milk Thistle.

Bupleurum or Hare’s ear root, is an herb used

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Should I Take Multivitamins

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MultivitaminsA very common question I get from my clients is, “Should I take multivitamins?” My answer to them is, yes.

The problem I find with multivitamins is that people tend to think that since they are taking multivitamins they don’t have to eat foods that are high in nutrients such as fruits and vegetables.

This is not the case.

You should take multivitamins to complete your nutrient intake and not use it to substitute healthy foods from your diet.

Multivitamins are essential for living a better life. It gives you more energy, enhances your moods and improves your health in general.

There is no reason why you shouldn’t take multivitamins.


Most multivitamins are similar, but there are many different types of these available and each of them are targeted for a different demographic.

The common multivitamin is high in zinc, Vitamin C and Vitamin A. These are the most “important” vitamins to supplement because people don’t tend to intake the necessary amount of these through their natural diet.

While I do encourage to buy a complete multivitamin, it might benefit


Selecting Weight Gainer Supplements For Healthy Living

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Weight Gainer Supplements For Healthy LivingA well-toned body enhances confidence of an individual. The weight of a person should be proportionate to the height, in order to strike a fine balance in terms of health and look. Nowadays, reputed online stores offer a wide array of bodybuilding supplements that help to gain weight.

Reasons for Weight Loss

Weight loss can be intentional or unintentional. Health conscious people often put in effort to lose weight through rigorous exercise and/or dieting. On the other hand, the reason for losing weight could be unintentional such as under-eating, inappropriate lifestyle or illness. Lifestyle covers nature of work, eating habits, frequency of alcohol intake, smoking and drug abuse. Diseases such as, diabetes, tuberculosis, parasitic infections, chronic diarrhoea, AIDS and cancer often lead to weight loss. Weight loss can also happen due to anorexia, fatigue, stunted growth, depression, malnutrition or when one is undergoing medication such as, chemotherapy.

Important components of weight gainer supplements

Balanced diet and supplements can help to gain weight. Some of the key components are as follows:

  • Protein: Protein is the basic building block required by the

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Grape Natural Benefits

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GrapeGrapes have been known for their medical and nutritional worth for thousands of years. Public doctors in Europe treated skin and eye diseases with an ointment made from the grapevines sap. Grape leaves were used to stop bleeding, inflammation, and paint, including hemorrhoid pain. They also used unripe grapes to treat sore throats. The dried grapes which are well known as raisins were used for dehydration and constipation. Ripe grapes were used in treatment of a number of health problems including cancer, eye infections, liver diseases, skin and kidney problems, and nausea.

Grapes contain such powerful chemicals called OPCs that are strong antioxidants. Grape seeds are highly loaded with flavonoids, vit. E, and OPCs. These compounds can also be found in lower amounts in the grape skin. Grape juice and wine have OPCs too, but in lower amount. One of the most important grape’s compounds is the resveratrol that is found primarily in the skin. Resveratrol became incredibly popular as an antioxidant and being studied in link with a good number of diseases.

There are widespread uses for grape seed extract: Skin health, allergies, arthritis, asthma, blood pressure,


Pre Workout Supplements Review

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Pre Workout SupplementsFor the majority of us, working out feels great even though it may be draining at times, but if you are anything like me, it feels great after. However, I have a secret, I take pre workout supplements and I avoid the pain and suffering after my workout, or what I call the post workout blues

To make the workout session feel even better and to ensure your body is working at optimum levels, you might want to do as I do and that is take one or more pre workout supplements. Many people are, but if you are not you might want to continue reading.’t

2 Major Do’s and 2 Major Don’ts

Okay, so let’s just list the 2 major do’s and 2 major don’ts of working out in regard to pre workout preparation:

  • Do drink lots of water before your workout. Not all at the same time obviously, but over the hours before you actually start. Water intake should be a common and daily regimen for you. We are all made of water! But a word of caution, stay away from florinated


Supplements For Health

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Supplements For HealthShould you be aware of the health benefits of vitamin supplements? That taking vitamins is the simplest way to a healthy and less radical life. Vitamins supplements will aid in getting the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) needed to maintain a healthy life. You should eat healthy, balanced meals to obtain nutrients, but most people have such a busy lifestyle these days that they are not getting all the vitamins and minerals from the meals that we eat. So many people don’t eat on any kind of schedule and they eat at so many fast-food restaurants, and we all know these meals are not healthy.

You owe it to yourself to at least supplement some of what you are missing. If you don’t compensate for some of the nutrients that you are missing in your diet, there is a very good chance that you’ll become sick with common colds, heart disease and cancers. It may help some, to purchase organic foods as they are supposedly free of chemicals they use on most foods today, but the supply is limited and very costly. No matter your choice of food,


What Is Colostrum

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ColostrumThe product, which I would like to introduce to you today, prides itself with one of the best reputations among the top nutraceuticals on the market of the 21st century. Many of my friends and acquaintances were raving about this “miracle potion” and swore about its effectiveness.

My first experience

In order to try it for myself, however, I had to wait five long agonizing months. Why? I needed to get sick, and so, for the first time in my life, I was hoping to get flu, or at least catch a cold. I walked around in 0º C temperatures wearing only t-shirts and sandals, drank icy cold beverages and kept my hair wet whenever I could. Finally, 1 December morning, my hard work paid off. I woke up feeling weak, my nose was stuffed up and I had that funny scratchy feeling at the back of my throat. Bingo! I could have taken the “magic medicine” right away, but I thought taking it at the very beginning of my illness would not give it a fair trial. After all,


Vitamin A

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Vitamin AI have written many articles on nutrition and fitness, disease process, smoking, liver and lung disease but I have not researched topics on vitamins and supplements as yet. Each vitamin has their own unique purpose to our bodies. When we are lacking in a specific vitamin then portions of our body will see the conquences. The thing about trainning yourself to eat right is that when you do this you get all the essential vitamins and minerals daily that your body requires. You don’t have to worry about your body lacking any specific nutrient.

There is so much to say in regards to vitamins and supplements that Glen and I will have to offer several articles on each vitamin. Glen has his own opinions on vitamins related to work outs and weight lifting and perhaps he will have separate articles on this alone.

*Vitamins are catagorized into two areas, Water soluable and Fat soluable.* When you consume too many water soluable vitamins the body will just excreate what it does not need. The worse thing that can happen is


Rosemary Benefits

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Rosemary BenefitsRosemary grows widely in many parts of the world though it is native to the Mediterranean. It likes to thrive in sunny and warm climate. Its Latin name rosmarinus means sea dew. This evergreen shrub can grow over 6 feet. Rosemary leaves, dark green on top and pale beneath, are long and needle-like. They are aromatic either fresh or dry. Rosemary flowers are small and light blue.


Rosemary twigs and leaves are used in culinary, cosmetic, and natural medicine. Its flavor and unique health benefits makes rosemary an irreplaceable herb for many kitchens.

At Mediterranean and Italian kitchen rosemary widely used as a spice as well as other world kitchens. It often used to flavor meats like chicken, lamb, pork, salmon and tuna dishes; tomato sauces and soups. Rosemary is a good source of the minerals, calcium, and dietary fiber. Fresh leaves have a quarter more manganese than dried and a 40% less iron and calcium.

The strong and wonderful smell of rosemary could easily associate not just with good recipes but with good health as well. It can be used to support the


Amino Acids Hidden Secrets

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Amino AcidsThis article is the first in a series on the Health benefits of Amino Acids.

Although Amino Acids are the building blocks of Protein, each has it’s own specific benefits which you can obtain by taking Amino Acid Supplements and other Healthy Nutrition Supplements For Life. This article may not cover all the Amino Acids and their hidden secrets but the ones listed should give you greater insight to their benefits.


Research shows that L-Alanine Supplements taken at bedtime by persons with Insulin dependant Diabetes may be more beneficial than eating conventional pre-sleep snacks which prevent overnight Hypoglycemia.


Arginine is an immune system booster. Arginine increases muscle mass and helps the body lose fat which in return makes you look more toned and defined. Both Body Builders and Weight trainers can increase Nitric Oxide levels by taking Arginine with Protein Supplements. Nitric Oxide increases blood flow which in return enhances performance and endurance. Nitric Oxide is made in the body but is also available as a pre-workout supplement in powder or tablet form.

Aspartic Acid.

This Amino Acid is beneficial for

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A Creative Composition On Creatine Consumption

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Creatine ConsumptionIf you were to concoct a survey among athletes, bodybuilders and gym goers questioning their supplement stack, chances are that protein powder and creatine powder would be the most common selections. In my previous article, I gave a quick rundown of protein powder; specifically whey protein powder. Let’s change gears and explore creatine.

The Basics

Creatine itself is a naturally occurring organic substance (known as creatine phosphate) produced by the body’s liver and kidneys. It is subsequently transported to one’s skeletal muscles, operating as an energy reservoir for physically demanding activities. ATP, your cells’ primary energy source, releases a phosphate molecule to produce usable energy. Eventually ATP concentration plummet and your energy levels suffer. Creatine phosphate comes to the rescue and donates it phosphate molecule to ATP, and thus sustaining the energy cycle.

As you would surmise, ATP levels drop more rapidly during intense exercise sessions and your natural levels of creatine phosphate can no longer provide sufficient energy. That’s were creatine powder supplementation enters the frame, increasing creatine concentration in your skeletal muscles. You have more phosphate


Children And Vitamins

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Children And VitaminsChildren suffer from different types of deficiency diseases. The reason is children are not nourished properly. Most of the complaints are also due to malnutrition. The other problem is due to their growth. The common complaints about the children are they are not eating well, loss of weight, thinness, the child weeps much, problems related to school and education etc.,

In this context we have to know two terms growth and development. The term growth refers to physical or increase in size. Development refers to functional increases or improvement in capacities. In other words growth refers to increase in height and weight. Development refers to mental and intellectual abilities. Growth is quantitative and development is qualitative.

In all the above conditions food and supplements are very essential in addition to healthy food habits. The most important point is to nourish children properly. We should help children for their good health, growth and development.

The following vitamins help children to solve many of the health related problems.

Vitamin A: It is known as retinal. Due to vitamin A deficiency many children become blind in their


Whey Protein Powder Side Effects

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Whey Protein PowderThe use of whey protein powder is growing more prominent amongst today’s population. It is commonly used as a health supplement since it can provide a variety of benefits. For those who perform resistance training or are keen on building muscle, it is an ideal source of protein since it is quickly absorbed. However, people seldom look into the side effects of whey protein powder. In fact, it is essential to monitor the amount of protein you are ingesting through your diet. Additional amounts of protein, even in small mounts, can lead to side effects that often go undetected until it is too late.

Side Effects of Whey Protein Powder

1. Lactose intolerance. Because whey protein powder is derived from milk and retains some of its lactose, lactose intolerance becomes an issue for certain individuals. Recall that lactose intolerance is exhibited in people who do not have the enzyme to digest lactose. Symptoms of lactose intolerance include abdominal discomfort, nausea, diarrhea, and flatulence (gas build up). The onset of these symptoms can range from 30-60 minutes after ingestion.


What Supplements Should I Take

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What Supplements Should I TakeSupplements are a huge draw for people focused on their health, but they can get overwhelming. The question “What supplements should I take” has been asked hundreds of times, and although there are benefits to almost every supplement on the market, they are not all necessary. To keep things simple for the supplement-novices out there, or if you are looking to clean out your pill cabinet, there are four supplements that should be added to everyone’s daily regimen based on their enormous benefits. These are: Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Vitamin D, Magnesium, and Betaine HCL.

The first and most important are Omega-3 Fatty Acids. Most commonly taken as Fish Oil capsules, these essential anti-inflammatory fats aid in brain development, autoimmunity, prevent against cancer & neuro-degeneration, improve insulin sensitivity & fertility, and help speed recovery from activity… need I say more? When I joined my CrossFit box, I asked them THE question: what supplements should I take? They recommended Fish Oil. Just to be clear, fish oil does not contain mercury, because the type of mercury found in fish is not soluble in oil, and is therefore

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